Fever Series

Fever SeriesThe Fever Series

By: Karen Marie Moning

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I absolutely love this series!  It’s rare for me to find something I love this much, where I get completely sucked in and easily go through a hundred pages in one sitting.  With so many other books I find myself counting the pages to see how much more I’ve got left till I finish it, but here I’m shocked to find how far I’ve gotten and wishing another couple hundred pages would magically materialize so I could enjoy it for longer.  But enough of my gushing…

Since I’m reviewing the entire series rather than one book at a time, my review will be more general, especially since I don’t want to give anything away.

This author’s first series of novels, known as the Highlander series, belong to the romance novel category, so some of that style and a fair share of “R” rated moments have made their way into this series as well, but it is so much more than that!  This dark fantasy series takes place in Dublin with evil fae, known as Unseelie creeping into our world.  When the main character’s sister is brutally murdered, she travels to Dublin to find her killer, but gets herself involved in something far greater and far more dangerous.  I admit, in the beginning, I didn’t particularly like MacKayla Lane, with all her carefree, blond, perfectness, but her transition from that person to what she becomes after going through countless trials is very interesting to watch.  Her reactions to impossible situations are realistic, and very human.  She’s not perfect.  She makes a lot of mistakes, and most of them when faced with impossible choices.  The ways she tries to balance all the crazy horrible things in her life is also rather charming.

The other characters in the book are fascinating, and the way they’re presented makes you always want to know more.  Their interactions are always entertaining, whether they’re fighting, or having fun, or threatening eachother’s very existence.

This is a very fast paced book.  Every few chapters something unspeakable and completely unexpected jumps out at you from nowhere forcing you to read at least one more chapter before you can put it down.  This book is full of cliff hangers and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There really isn’t a dull moment.

A few random notes:

I feel this book is more geared toward a female audience, with a female author and a female main character, so keep that in mind if you’re considering reading it.

Thankfully it seems the author is working on a new series set in the same world. (Can’t wait for that!)

And it seems Dreamworks just might make it into a movie one day. (Mixed feelings about that…I really hope they don’t ruin it.)

The series is as follows:

  • Darkfever
  • Bloodfever
  • Faefever
  • Dreamfever
  • Shadowfever

Happy Reading! 🙂