The Providence of Fire

The Providence of FireThe Providence of Fire
by: Brian Staveley


608 pages [Hardcover]

Royal siblings, Adare, Kaden, and Valyn, continue to fight for survival and vie for the Unhewn Throne after the emperor’s murder. Startling revelations are made as the empire prepares to face off against an unstoppable force.

I would love to tell you all about my favorite things from this book, but I can’t. So many of those things are details and revelations that would ruin the story for anyone planning to read it. So, allow me to construct a vague impression of this story. The short version is, this series is pretty awesome. Just trust me.

At 600 pages this book can feel a little long from time to time, but when certain things are revealed, all of that extra information was worth it. It was important for the characters to follow a particular journey, in order to set them up for the epicness that follows. There is plenty of character development, and the siblings go through an awful lot: making impossible decisions, facing the consequences of those decisions, and questioning everything they thought to be true.

I love a story with a deep history. The deeper the better. The Gods, the Cestriim, and the Leach Lords kept me coming back, hoping to learn some new little scrap of information about them. Thankfully, this book goes deeper into that history and we get to learn more about my favorite things. I’d really like to tell you about it but I can’t.

On the subject of violence… I don’t seek out violent stories, but sometimes violence is necessary to make the story grounded and powerful. While this book has significantly more violence than the first, it never felt violent for the sake of violence. It all has a specific purpose, to show just how scary a character is, or how powerful, or to give him/her a reason to doubt themselves.

As I said earlier, this is shaping up to be a pretty good series. The combination of a deep history, world building, and the characters’ differing personalities keep it interesting, even when the pace slows a bit. And with everything revealed in this book I’m very much looking forward to the final installment. Until next time…

Happy Reading!

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