Otherland: Sea of Silver Light

Sea of Silver Light Otherland: Sea of Silver Light

By: Tad Williams


(Science Fiction)

922 pages

The very first review I did on this blog was City of Golden Shadow, and it’s taken me two years, but I have finally finished Otherland. This series was long and complex, and though I complained about it a bit in previous reviews, it turned out to be truly amazing. For the longest time I kept thinking that I liked it but didn’t love it. I only really love the books I’m thoroughly sucked into and can’t stop reading, but after finishing the series and seeing how it all turned out, I think I do love it, just in a different way than I’m used to.

If you’re smiling while reading the end of a book, you know it was a good one, and I think I had a stupid grin on my face for at least the last 200 pages. Thankfully, I wasn’t reading in public. I have to say this is my favorite book of the series, largely because it was where all the cool stuff happens. This is when everything that had been set up over the three previous novels comes together and gets crazy. Being the longest of the series at 900+ pages, I’m amazed I didn’t start to drift or lose focus.

I feel like it took me three books to really get into Otherland. I had a difficult time connecting with the characters, possibly because there were so many different story lines. There wasn’t a nice long time to get into a character’s head and get to know them. I think Paul Jonas and Christabel were my favorites because their story lines were a bit more focused, with fewer characters, so I felt like I had a better chance to get to know them. In the end though, I loved them all.

If I like the ending of a book, I’m inclined to forget anything I didn’t like about it up until that point. That definitely applies here. I had some trouble along the way, but Otherland is a creation that is vastly different than any other series I’ve read. It’s expansive, detailed, well thought out, and there were no loose ends or plot holes that I could find. It’s an amazing creation, and I have serious respect for Tad Williams. I don’t know how you go about writing something like this, but I’m glad you did. Until next time…

Happy Reading!


14 thoughts on “Otherland: Sea of Silver Light

  1. I loved the whole series, and I’ve read it a number of times. This is definitely my favourite series by Tad Williams. In fact, it’s one of my favourite sci-fi/fantasy story arcs of all time.

    1. It really is amazing. I think having read it, I’m starting to understand Tad Williams’ kind of storytelling. While in the beginning I wasn’t sure if I’d want to read any of his other books, I’m certain now that I’ll be reading everything. His other books have been officially added to my reading list.

      1. MST, MST, MST! My favourite books ever, so expect long rambly comments when you do review it.
        With Otherland, no matter how often I’ve read it, I feel like I can never remember most of the details. But with MST, I know lots of stuff that isn’t even in the books.
        Sorry, I will try to stop behaving like a crazy fangirl now.

      2. OK, so I’m thinking it’ll be Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn next, but it’ll be a little while before I get to it. I have quite a few books on my list. Try to wait patiently. πŸ˜‰

      3. lmao – be my guest! I rant, I mean wax lyrical about the things I love too! As for Otherland, I forget the names and details as well – except for Dread, can’t forget him! But I don’t mind because it lets em enjoy the whole thing all over again during the next read through. πŸ™‚

      4. I remember the names/characters well enough, but I can never remember who does exactly what. And even if I remember that, I don’t remember what book it happens in.
        With MST, I have looked up so many individual scenes, so many times, that I remember those things.

      5. I’m not sure I could quote chapter and verse of any series, not even from Frank Herbert’s Dune books, which I adore, but that could just be a function of encroaching old age!

  2. I had trouble getting into Otherland at first, too, but eventually I couldn’t help falling in love with the characters. And even though it’s not quite my genre, I keep revisiting it for those literary friends (which I should do again some time, it’s been over four years).
    It’s amazing how, with so many characters, he always pulls all the strands together in the end – and even more amazing knowing that he doesn’t always know how everything will work out even while he’s writing it. (He said so in the Q&A session I recorded.)

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