Authors love books and their characters do too.

Library-Books It’s something of a trend I’ve noticed lately, but so many of the books I have read, or want to read, have something to do with books or libraries. Books about books. Even if the story isn’t primarily about books the characters are book-lovers and/or end up spending lots of time in a library. Somehow, these things always sneak in. Is this merely coincidence? I don’t think so.

The real question is this. Is it that true bibliophiles generally become writers and therefore write about what they know and love? Or is it a prerequisite to becoming an author that you love books so much that you must put them in your novels? I’m well aware, though, that there are plenty of stories out there that have nothing to do with books or libraries, it’s just that more of them seem to have one of those elements than I would have expected.

Perhaps writers simply know their audience. Those of us who are avid readers are inclined to identify with characters that like to read too much and would love to track down forgotten tomes in mysterious libraries. I suppose it isn’t really surprising that the two go together, but I hadn’t made the connection until somewhat recently. Maybe that makes me unexpectedly dense. It’s certainly possible, but I just thought I’d highlight this little observation for those of you who hadn’t noticed either and leave you with this question:

Which came first, the book-lover or the author? Ponder it if you will, and feel free to leave your answers below. I’m curious to know what you think. 😉


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