By: Jasper Kent


447 pages

I would like to introduce to you the Vampire Spectrum. This is something I invented while trying to figure out how to best describe the vampires in this novel.

The Vampire Spectrum

Romantic————Cool but Deadly————Gruesomely Monstrous

The Vampires in Twelve fall under the monstrous category, a bit like those in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, only I think they were a little worse. This book definitely had its gory moments, but not just for the sake of it. The violence is there to make a point, since for a while in the story there is a question of whether or not the vampires are really all that bad. Certain unpleasant moments answer that question nicely for both the reader and the main character.

This novel utilizes real historical events as its backdrop, and I always like a little bit of realism in a story. The idea of taking known history and filling in the blanks with something completely fantastical is not only fun, but it can allow you to appreciate a period in history that you otherwise might have overlooked. I admit, I didn’t really know much about Napoleons invasion of Russia in 1812 — other than it happened — so this story, regardless of its vampires made that history come to life just a little bit more.

The conflict between Alexei and Iuda was the most fascinating part of the story. I could really see him shaping up to be the perfect nemesis for Alexei over the rest of the series, and judging by the book covers I’ve seen, it seems rather likely. Iuda is an amazing character, and despite how truly twisted I believe him to be, I look forward to seeing more of him, if that is indeed the direction the sequels will be taking. The twist at the end was an interesting surprise, and made me that much more interested in his character.

I will most likely be reading the sequels at some point.  Overall, it was a pretty good book, even if it was a little heavy. I’ll take a little break, read some lighter fare and come back to this series later on. Until next time…

Happy Reading!


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