Book Sale Haul III


It’s that time of year again and I think I may have overdone it… Displayed before you is a grand total of 58 books. Yup, that’s right, 58. This is the most I’ve ever gotten before. I blame it on the never-ending selection of paperbacks they had this year. This was all under $30 by the way, which is why book sales are so great. XD

In the past two book sale posts I’ve done, I made a full list of all the titles, but 58 is just waaaaay too many to list, so I tried to take a decent picture instead. Hopefully you can read the spines well enough (click the image to make it bigger) even if a couple are a little blurry. If you want to know more about a specific book, just leave a comment, let me know where it’s located in the picture and I can give you the title and author.

I got a lot of books that are first in a series, several titles that are already on my book list, and even a steampunk novel!  I’ve got a complete Mercedes Lackey trilogy, the first two books of Tad Williams’ Shadowmarch series, a couple omnibus editions of series I hadn’t heard of before, and three books in the Vampire Earth series by E.E. Knight. There’s also some Lovecraft, a science fiction novel translated from Japanese (Yukikaze, the one that looks upside down) and a book entitled The Voyage of the Narwhal…that one I got just because I couldn’t resist the title, although it happens to be about exploration in the 19th century.Read or Die

Even with all these books crowding my book shelves, I’ll be back for the sale in September. I can’t help it. If I have to, I’ll just start stacking them on the floor. As long as it doesn’t go quite this far, I think I’m ok.


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