Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

By: Seth Grahame-Smith


(Historical Fiction/Horror/Vampires)

After seeing a title like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter how could I  possibly pass that up?  Twisted history is one of my favorite genres of fiction, if it counts as a genre at all.  Regardless, I just really love it when an author takes high profile historic events and tells you the “true story” of how it all happened, and that is exactly what this author does.

This book follows the fascinating, if fictionally embellished, life of Abraham Lincoln, his encounters with vampires, the tragic wake they leave behind in his life, and his vow to kill every last one of them.  One of the things I found refreshing in a world where vampires seem to everywhere in movies, books, and TV, is that this is a book about vampires in historical America.  These days most people would expect to find them in Europe, or more recently in the pacific northwest (which is still America, but I think you get my point).  The book also goes on to portray the Civil War was as being as much about vampires as it was about slavery, and that they even took part in the fighting.

Overall it is a fascinating story told like a biography, with Lincoln’s own journal entries telling most of the tale and even photographic evidence of the vampires themselves.  I found it really interesting (just repeating the title alone is fun), if a bit gory, but vampires just aren’t very threatening if there’s no violence.  Following a similar theme is the author’s first book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I won’t be reading anytime soon, on account of my serious dislike for zombies (I think I’ll write a blog entry on that in another category soon).  He also has a new book coming out soon entitled Unholy Night, about the three wise men, that I’m looking forward to checking out.

So, if you like history or vampires, and don’t have a problem with a little violence and gore, I highly recommend it.  Until next time…

Happy Reading! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

  1. I’ve been having a good time with historical fiction/horror and vampires lately, and the title of this one just brings a smile to my face! I’ll be looking out for it, thanks for posting the great review.

    BTW, I know it’s the fairly traditional “Vampires in Europe” setting, but Jasper Kent’s Twelve series is really good too. historical fiction, buckets of suspense, and quite a bit of gore and violence.

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